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    Hridayam (2022)- Reviews, Cast & Release Date

    Hridayam (हृदयम) movie Explain :

    Hridayam translates as “Heart” – Though it’s a simple title but sometimes they say Simple is more powerful, I guess that’s what has worked for this magical masterpiece on screen.

    This is a romantic coming of age story of Arun Neelakandan (beautifully essayed by Pranav Mohanlal) and how his life transpires through various People he meets, incidents that happened in his life and off course his love interest shape him as a person.

    Ok I know it’s a regular coming of age story we have seen in so many movies of similar genre, that’s easy and said but Director Vineeth Sreenivasan makes sure he delivers his mark in this soulful tale that unfolds on big screen leaves all your emotions turned.

    This close to 3 hours long movie might sound like a long affair to sit and watch but a quirky and engaging screenplay makes sure mostly you don’t get that thought.

    Performances – All three leads deliver what’s exactly needed for the role they look naturally the character which is a testimony to their craft. Pranav Mohanlal as Arun emoted almost every node of the emotional graph and gave his character life. Darshana Rajendran plays Darshana a beautiful curly haired girl next door seemed effortless in her role delivers strong with her subtle emotions. Kalyani Priyadarshan as Nithya is your cute software angel will make sure boys go crazy with her cuteness but that doesn’t shy away her acting skills equally shows all range of expressions especially when showing the sense of insecurity in loosing your loved one to another person. I have to say if these main characters must live and shine the support should be strong and that’s what we get from the supporting cast characters Antony Thadikaran, Jimmy, Maya, Lachu Patti, Selva, Ironing girl Selvi, Kedar. Everyone did their role with full justice.

    Music – Lets talk about the elephant in the room, yes songs and BGM from this movie makes the Music director the real hero of the film. Hesham Abdul Wahab on his Debut as music director his soundscape gives the life to the story. I cannot think of this movie without the songs and BGM which were soul stirring. Lyrics by Arun Aalat were so powerful and beautiful that connects to your heart.

    Cinematography – May it be the college life or the city scape Viswajith the cinematographer transfers the viewers to their world for a subtle yet immersive experience. Make sure to catch this move on big screens it’s not always the Avatar’s that need big screen sometimes as simple as our day-to-day life story can do magic on screen.

    Overall a definite solid coming of age story with lots of fun, sadness, anger, betrayal, passion, love, friendship, and Romance at its heart Vineeth Srinivasan’s Hridayam makes sure it touches the viewers Hridayam.

    Hridayam (2022) Movie Review

    Hridayam (हृदयम)  movie review | Malaylam | Vineeth Sreenivasan
    Hridayam (2022) Movie Review

    Hridayam (हृदयम) movie Info :
    • Directed by : Vineeth Sreenivasan
    • Written by : Vineeth Sreenivasan
    • Produced by : Visakh Subramaniam
    • Starring : Pranav Mohanlal , Kalyani Priyadarshan , Darshana Rajendran
    • Cinematography : Viswajith Odukkathil
    • Edited by : Ranjan Abraham
    • Music by : Hesham Abdul Wahab
    • Production companies : Merryland Cinemas, Big Bang Entertainments
    • Distributed by : Merryland Cinemas
    • Release date : 21 January 2022
    • Running time : 172 minute
    • Country : India
    • Language : Malayalam
    • Budget : ₹6 crore
    • Box office : est. ₹55 crore

    Hridayam Movie Review

    Hridayam (हृदयम) movie Trailer :

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