Best fast food restaurants in America | Top 10 Fast Food Restaurants

Best fast food restaurants in America | Top 10 Fast Food Restaurants

Best fast food restaurants in America | Top 10 Fast Food Restaurants

Perhaps you seek out the absolute best restaurants in America, be it Mexican, Italian, French or some other cuisine type. But sometimes there’s nothing better than a pit stop at one of the best fast food restaurants in the country. Whether hitting up the drive-thru for a quick meal or a hangover cure, there are many worthy occasions when fast food eats (including burger joints, chicken chains, Americanized Mexican spots and other fast food favorites) are the way to go.

Best fast food restaurants

1. Zaxby's

Speaking of fried chicken, Zaxby’s is one of the rulers of the roost—at least in the South. Dreamed up by two childhood pals on a Statesboro, Georgia basketball court, the comfort-food spot slings out crispy bird in a number of forms (tenders, wings, etc.), plus a house-made, addictive Zax sauce. 

Must-order: Chicken finger plate

2. Culver's

True to its Wisconsin roots, the secret to Culver’s exceptional burger is butter. The patties come sandwiched between buns that get a swipe of dairy before hitting the grill, resulting in a delicious package that’s best paired with another midwest specialty: frozen custard. 

Must-try: ButterBurger

3. Whataburger

Down south, Whataburger’s orange and white stripes are nearly as iconic as McDonald’s yellow M, signaling meaty goodness in the form of wide, thin patties on a toasted five-inch bun. They’re not just skilled with beef, however—as much as its namesake hits the spot, Whataburger devotees will tell you that there’s no better hangover cure than the honey butter chicken biscuit.

Must-order: Patty melt

4. Taco Bell

Taco Bell shows no sign of slowing down, debuting a new item seemingly every week. Hell, even its boozy cantinas are continuing to expand. But despite all the additions and newfangled spins on its Mexican fast food, one thing remains a constant: a stoner-friendly, late-night-worthy and cheap menu that hits all the right notes—if you’re stoned…or out super late…or broke.   

Must-order: Burrito Supreme 

5. Arby's  

While the fast-food powerhouse's slogan may be “we have the meats,” no meal is complete without a side of tough-to-quit curly fries. And 55 years into its run, Arby's still serves up those classic Roast Beef and Beef 'n Cheddars. 

Must-order: Smokehouse brisket sandwich

6. Biscuitville

As its name suggests, this family-owned chain in North Carolina and Virginia is obsessed with biscuits. According to the company, the made-from-scratch pucks only call for three ingredients (flour, buttermilk and shortening) and get turned out every 15 minutes, guaranteeing warm, fluffy biscuits at all hours.

Must-order: Ultimate country ham biscuit 

7. Dairy Queen

8. Wendy's

Fun fact for young folks: Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas starred in more than 800 commercials for the brand, hawking its burgers in a soft-spoken, grandfatherly demeanor. He passsed away in 2002, but his signature never-frozen beef patties and iconic Frosty desserts live on. 

Must-order: Chocolate Frosty

9. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

It’s all about the spice, people. Popeyes’ hush-hush blend imbues Cajun flavor into many of its beloved dishes, from the signature fried chicken and creamy mashed potatoes to those generously-seasoned fries. It’s no wonder the New Orleans-born restaurant has amassed an uber-passionate following. 

Must-order: Spicy chicken

10. In-N-Out

There’s nothing clandestine about the “secret” menu at In-N-Out—it even has a page on the Cali chain’s website. But the not-so-covert items still garner a cult-like following by those who make the pilgrimage out west for smashed burgers and animal-style fries. Besides, who can argue with the tastes of The Dude from The Big Lebowski? 

Must-order: Double-double

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